A Tale of Two Kitties

The photo diary of two orange tabbies.......
This is ARCHIE TUCKER, of blessed memory


Sleeping again

In the sink now

Our beautiful red tabby

Archie Tucker was a friend
Who came to us one day
Saul said "Just for the weekend,"
But we all knew he would stay.

At first he was so tiny
He could fit into a cup.
We still were sad from muffin,
But he somehow cheered us up.

As years flew by our Archie grew
Into a giant "red,"
Who became a great companion --
Even slept with us in bed.

He had a little crumpled ball
That was his favorite toy.
He often dragged it down the hall --
Our darling little "boy."

He had a way about him
That everybody loved.
We knew he was an angel
God sent us from above.

Today our hearts are aching
'cause we had to say goodbye.
But we'll see him next in heaven.
In our hearts he'll never die.

KFS -- May 1, 2014

We missed Archie Tucker, but we were happy
to know CASTRO, A Cat About Town
who came into our lives.....

How will I ever get any work done?

Garsh, my own office

...no denying, Castro is a curious Cat.

Well, I'm ready to go.

.....but back again.

At the Bar

Resting at the Bar

Take a little Nap

Napping in the drawer too

Might as well curl up with Jim

Might as well follow Jim
and snooze together

Out into the world.

Be Careful Castro !

A small collection of snapshots

Well, I'm waiting to walk

Our Dear Friend

Link to the Videos

Link to the Road Trip